President BG(Ret) Matthew Matia
Vice-President BG John Hanley
Immediate Past President MG(Ret) Paul E. Mock
Secretary COL(Ret) Anthony Kanellis
Treasurer COL(Ret) Douglas J. Lamude


The EXCOM consists of the officers above and the following members:
Director, Region 1 (Northeast) BG Sanford Holman
Retired Representative, Region 1 COL(Ret) Stewart Brown
Director, Region, 2 (Southeast) BG Glenn Lesniak
Retired Representative, Region 2 <vacant>
Director, Region 3 (North) BG John Hanley
Retired Representative, Region 3 MG(Ret) Robert Pollmann
Director, Region 4 (Southwest) BG(Ret) Charles K. Ebner
Retired Representative, Region 4 MG(Ret) John Crowe
Director, IMA/IRR BG Juan A. Ruiz
Retired Representative, IMA/IRR MG(Ret) Michael Dunlavey
Chair, Membership Committee BG(Ret) Guy Sands-Pingot
Chair, Mentoring/Development Committee    MG James Rafferty
Chair, Legislative/Resolutions Committee BG(Ret) Walter Chahanovich
Chair, Awards Committee LTG(Ret) Thomas Plewes
At-Large Member COL(Ret) Susan Lee
At Large Member COL(Ret) Kevin Riedler
Executive Director COL(Ret) Joseph Moravec


  • As shown below, SARCA Regions are geographically organized along the boundaries of the 4 USAR Regional Support Commands (RSC) for administrative purposes only and have no official/unofficial ties to those commands.

  • Region 1 - The geographic area supported by the 99th RSC plus EUCOM, AFRICOM and CENTCOM

  • Region 2 - The geographic area supported by the 81st RSC plus SOUTHCOM,

  • Region 3 - The geographic area supported by the 88th RSC

  • Region 4 - The geographic area supported by the 63rd RSC plus PACOM

  • According to the bylaws, the Steering Committee, consisting of the Association Officers and the Executive Director, shall have the full power of the Executive Committee in the event that the Executive Committee is unable to act for any reason.

 (updated 6 January 2011)