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General Odierno's Vision and
Strategic Priorities for the Army

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 13:34:58 +0000

Subject: CSA Sends-Waypoint #2

Last fall I announced my Vision and Strategic Priorities for the Army.  I am providing these to you now in the form of WayPoint #2.  I expect every member of our Total Army to read and understand this document.   

 Today's global security environment is characterized by great complexity.  To meet the challenges we face, our Army is rebuilding readiness and taking aggressive steps to reshape our force to answer the Nation's call, both today and for the future.  Waypoint #2 provides a tool to discuss and implement my priorities across all formations and at every echelon.

Everywhere I travel across the Army I am amazed by the hard work, selfless service and remarkable talents on display by Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members and Veterans alike.  I thank each of you for your dedication and professionalism.  I am proud to serve with you.  Army Strong!

Raymond T. Odierno
General, 38th Chief of Staff
United States Army

The Strength of our Nation is our Army
The Strength of our Army is our Soldiers
The Strength of our Soldiers is our Families
This is what makes us Army Strong!

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